Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum

Barnesville, Ohio

Volunteer at the Museum

Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum at Sunset

Do you love the Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum and are interested in helping out? Maybe you love history and want to help us preserve it for future generations. Then you should consider becoming a volunteer!

Our volunteers are the best around, and we wouldn’t be here without their help. They are dedicated to helping preserve, protect, and tell the story of one of the most iconic properties in Barnesville, Ohio.

Our Docents take visitors on guided tours and tell them about the history of the museum and its previous residents. Interesting features and important artifacts fill every room in our museum, and our docents bring that history to life.

But if public speaking isn’t your thing, don’t let that discourage you from reaching out. There are other ways to help, including assisting with special events or cataloging our collection. Even offering a few hours to help clean can make a significant impact; with 26 rooms, keeping everything dust-free can be a bit of an undertaking!

If you have a few hours to give, we know we can find a way for you to pitch in. Get in contact with us at 740-425-2926 or email us at to discuss ways you can volunteer at the Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum. We’d love to have your help!